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A startup in Summerside

This is a story from one of our customers who is a bit shy to expose the details on their company, all I can shared is that the owner is currently running a startup business in Summerside. Like all other startups, they suffered similar pain points as the others, we conducted an interview with them and share how we could help them.


Why do you need to find a training course about Digital marketing?

  • Run for some period and found the company is not well known by market.

  • People don’t know our existence and even no idea about what we offered.

  • Spreading my company brand by mouth is not effective.


What is the content of the training that most impressed you.

  • The use of technology which are free can enable us to have the ground works paved before we take physical actions into it.

  • The tips about how to get more readers on our goods and services offered.


What did you do after this course?

  • We tried to create posts according to the methods shared in the training.

  • We tried to work on designing advertising materials for our own products/services according with the tools introduced.


What is the result?

  • More customers visit physical store

  • More customers queries from digital channels, some of them even coming from places outside PEI, Canada.

  • Public media page, e.g. Facebook, got more view and queries to us.

  • PEI Connectors also demonstrated our business on their newsletters.


The success of this customer all credited by their sense of customer tastes and their efforts to take first steps into actions. What we help is just share our knowledge to them about this area on how to market themselves to raise customer awareness for their brand. 

Again, heartedly congratulations for getting known within the community!!!!

We care what you care!!

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