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[Practicing]HTML5 in action: write a simple page

Diamond takes you into the world of HTML, and today you join the "HTML" fans in a field exercise designed to show the complete code of a page. This involves an important concept - hyperlinks for web pages. A single web page is like a page in a book, linking all the individual pages together, like binding all the pages together, we call it a book, and all the pages linked together, we call it a website.

Open Notepad and enter the following Code.


The function of <a herf=""> </a> is to link to other pages <a> is an Html tag.

After entering the code, press "Ctrl+S" to save the filename suffixes is .HTML. “Browse to the zc-brilliance website.html”

As shown in figure:

Browse the page, as shown in the figure below.

Clicking on the “Browse to the Diamond website” on the page opens the Diamond home page.

Today HTML fans follow iLeap to participate in the HTML basic link code combat, next time we will move the battlefield to the rear, to learn more about HTML, follow Diamond to become the HTML hero!

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