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Photoshop Skill: Beauty clinics

Mr. Diamond traveled to Sichuan Province, China. He was seated next to a beautiful girl on the plane. Two people talk very happy, that the beautiful girl grew up in Chengdu, love to eat hot pot. They made an appointment to get off the plane and went straight to the hotpot restaurant. Mr. Diamond, who has lived in Shanghai, China since his childhood, prefers light food, but he has decided to eat spicy hot pot for the girl he falls in love with at first sight. After this handsome guy ate hot pot, the consequences were so serious that he got a long face with acne (as shown in the picture). Mr Diamond secretly went to Photoshop’s top private clinic to have his acne treated without compromising his good looks.

After a visit by Photoshop, the world’s chief cosmetic surgeon, it was confirmed that the condition was a gluttonous type of skin attack that required surgery to remove acne.

The steps are as follows:

1. Click “Polygonal Lasso Tool” in the toolbar

2 Press the mouse around one of the acne to circle the acne. The following figure:

3. Hold Shift and use the polygonal Lasso tool to continue selecting all remaining pimples.The following figure:

4. In the toolbar, click “Foreground color” to select the color of Mr. Diamond’s skin color, and then click OK. The following figure:

5. Press the ‘Alt’ + ‘delete’ key on the keyboard and the handsome, sunny Mr Diamond’s skin is as good as new.

Don’t be charmed by Mr. Diamond.

Photoshop is going to take apprentices, so come on fans who want to study beauty.

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