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Photoshop skill: Brainstorm of a Fat head small pig: How to Improve Work Efficiency? (II)

3. Perspective geometry effect

In addition to the light and shadow effects, the image lifelike effects are also damaged by inappropriate scale Settings.Although sometimes designed for effect, but often only a small part.If the proportions in the image don't match the proportions in our consciousness, we get a sense of inauthenticity.

The way to make sure that every image in the scene is proportional is to set certain geometric scaling rules, set the horizon and vanishing points in the scene, and then make sure that every element follows these rules.The effect of this treatment is very obvious.

4. Use dodge tool to deepen the effect

Good graphic design does not mean copying real images.When a picture has a certain style, such as a particularly vibrant color, a particularly bright area, or a particularly deep shade,This kind of work of art gives people a different feeling, it might make good work.

Dodge and burn effects are one way to add personalization.Every designer has their own recipe, and using 50% grey overlay is one of the most popular effects.This layer of gray is completely invisible, but the resulting dodge and burn is visible.

See you next time.

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