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Web Technology: Little practice (the answer)

  • Completion 1. If people want to view the source code of the page, they can view the page results through ( Notebook ). 2. There are four rules to follow when using tags: ( HTML document ), ( Start tag (HTML)), ( Head tag(head)), and ( Title tag (title) ). 3. The basic five tags of the page structure are ( The sample code ), ( The start tag ), ( Header tags and header tag objects), ( The title tag), and ( The text tag ).

  • Choice 1. In the following tags, the name you can give the page is:( ) A. <head>…</head> B. <title>…<title> C. <body>…</body> D. <style>…</style> 2. In the following tags, ( ) can be used to define CSS styles A. <meta>…</meta> B.<base>…</base> C. <style>…</style> D. <script>…</script>

  • Answer the following question What does this code mean? <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C // DTD XHTML 1.0 TRANSITIONAL // EN” “”>

Document Type Definition is a set of bai grammar rules about markers.Du is the DAO component of the XML1.0 specification, the validation mechanism for XML file 4102, and is part of the XML file composition.DTD is one of 1653 effective ways to ensure that XML documents are properly formatted. By comparing XML documents with DTD files, you can see whether the documents conform to the specification and whether the elements and tags are used correctly.XML file provides a data exchange format, the application a DTD is that XML files can be data exchange standard, because different companies need to define the standard DTD, companies can be in accordance with the DTD to build an XML file, and verification, so can easily establish standards and exchange data, that can meet the network data sharing and interaction.The DTD file is an ASCII text file with the suffix. DTD.

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