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Alan MacPhee

The challenge / situation

Alan MacPhee, living in PEI, got a network issue at his home that

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  • Experienced slow connection in his home office, he had to connect to Internet with his computer placed to a specific location in his room.

  • No internet connection in game room.

  • No internet connections at bedrooms.

  • His family has to organize every activity involving internet in new block.

Alan had subscribed an internet fiber-optics line and 3 extra Boosters from a branded Internet Services Provider in PEI. He tried to improve the network availability and speed at home before he got in touch with us.

The obstacles

Alan walked us through of his house and, we tested the internet availability and speed on critical corners. In addition to above area, we also find that

  • Area of the large 3 house with 3 levels.

  • Building connections hindered the transmission of the signal. 

  • Signal strength of the ISP modem/router is not strong enough to bring the signal for the whole house even with the employment of network boosters.

  • No internet connections at the backyard leisure area (An outdoor area next to the house, for relaxing purposes).

  • Some devices (heating system, some TVs) are connected to internet with the ISP modem/router, with good internet connections.

  • There is no guest network to secure the access of data from his home network.


The solution


With the discussion about the issues, we proposed to Alan that he can keep existing configurations of existing devices having good connections with Internet (connecting with the existing ISP modem/router), while we can have something extra to improve the internet speed and availability to the whole house with improved network security --  which is to install and setup a new set of router / access points system into Alan’s house at the critical area, and then we have setup new network partitions for this new network in which also included the setup of guest network to secure the information of the home network from potential access by guests.

The result

After the setup and installation, we conducted internet speed and availability tests on the critical areas in Alan’s house. We also connected with the new network to play the 4K video from YouTube and walked around the house to ensure the video can run smoothly without any pauses.


Now his house is improved with below area.

The internet availability improved, everywhere are now internet enabled in his house with strong Wi-Fi connections.

  • For example,Alan can have his computer located anywhere to work.

  • Gaming machines in Play Room can now connected to Internet for fun.

  • Old block bedrooms now enabled with Wi-Fi.

  • Backyard outdoor leisure area now enabled with Wi-Fi

The internet speed improved, for example,

  • Play Room internet connection speed now tripled.

  • Speed doubled in Level 1 Dinning room, Level 2 Sitting Room

The internet security improved.

  • Guests connected to guest network, a separated network partition from the internal network of Alan’s original home network, to ensure the information of the house will not be accessed by guest accidentally.

Saved extra subscription cost on ISP network boosters.

Do you have similar issues and experiences like Alan?

Have a talk to us, we care what you care!!!

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